International Trade Course

This International Trade course is designed to provide the learners, and those operating within International Trade, an opportunity to broaden their understanding of global trade issues, and to gain a clear understanding of the processes and practicalities of International Trade.

Internet Marketing Course

This course provides learners with an understanding of internet marketing so they can develop the skills to use the internet for promotion, advertising, interactive communications, market research, developing customer relationships and an internet marketing plan.

Internet marketing strategy and planning workshop

One day training course in Internet marketing strategy and planning, this workshop can be booked as private course, and can be delivered to your company anywhere in the UK or EU. You can also save money if you have more than five members of your team who need training.

Pay Per Click Workshop

Google Adwords is an important strand of any online marketing strategy. It allows your business to generate a predictable stream of highly targeted traffic. Adwords is a complex area of online marketing, often incorrectly utilised by businesses who sometimes don’t appreciate how challenging it is to develop an advertising campaign which gives a viable return on investment.

WordPress Essential

Learn WordPress and start build your site in one day. the course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to create and run your own WordPress site or blog.

Moodle Course Design

This programme focuses primarily on the practical issues and skills needed to develop an online or blended course using Moodle.