Employee or Exporter: Solid strategies for running an import and export business from home

Would you rather have the view from your home office or the one you have from your office now?

While many people in the UK are still struggling with their 9-5 jobs, or dealing with the consequences of the flood of February, many individuals have learned to take advantage of globalization, started their export business, and today are waking up every day to the limitless new opportunities.

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Globalization and its effects on developing countries

Globalization – the growing integration of economies and societies around the world – has been one of the most hotly-debated topics in international economics over the past few years. Rapid growth and poverty reduction in China, India, and other countries that were poor 20 years ago, has been a positive aspect of globalization.

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Positivism Vs Hermeneutics

Positivism and hermeneutics are theories and philosophical frameworks for the creation and understanding of science. The modern social science started during the 1800s, and the question which was raised was, should the social science study be built based on the existing scientific model, or should it be built on a different model. Positivism, the most prominent and dominating ideology during the 1900s, inherited its name from the theories of Auguste Comte, and builds on the assumption that even the social science study should be based on the general natural scientific models to develop its theory and understanding of the concept.

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