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Initial Consultation and account setup:

We will discuss your project in depth to gain a thorough understanding of your company and your objectives. Several creative possibilities will be explored before a final solution is developed and realized. The initial concept will be arranged at this stage.


The Plan:

To give you a clear overview of the concept a draft proposal will be prepared. Complete plans showing design notes, initial drawing, site map, media strategy or actual sample production. To bring the concept to life the plans will be overviewed by Art Director. The Art Director will explain the plan, exchange ideas, and make changes where necessary.

The Price:

Each element, photography, graphic design, video production, programming, media strategy..., and implementation will be fully quoted and broken down into its constituent parts.

How does it work-price
How does it work

The Project:

Once we receive your acceptance of estimates we will place the necessary orders for the material and services required. We will then oversee and organize the complete project implementation.