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Beyond the Glittering Facade: Unveiling London’s Homelessness and Poverty Crisis

London's Homelessness: London, often dubbed the "Paradise of the West," boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and grandeur. It is a city renowned...

International success of “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement

Woman, Life, Freedom & the birth of Generation Z and the growth of Postmodernism communities: We lived wherever we lived, we did whatever work we...

Before democracy Iran need Poverty reduction.

Introduction: What is Poverty and How Does it Affect Iran? keywords: poverty, poverty reduction, Iran poverty, extreme poverty, poverty rate Extreme poverty in Iran is a...

The Educational System of the Future: Why We Need to Stop Allowing Politicians to Govern Our Lives

The Educational System of the Future: As a person who has been spending a long time in education both as a learner and educator,...

A review in underlining reason behind Woman, Life & Freedom movement

In 2009 part of our research in political advertising, we published about the changing trend in societies and people's expectations of governments and politics.

Woman, Life & Freedom Movement – The time to change global policies for the new order!

Woman, Life & Freedom movement that started due to the death of Mahsa Amini in the hands of Islamic republic morality police in Iran for not wearing proper hijab.

Unleashing the Power Within: A Guide to Elevate Creativity and Intelligence

A Guide to Elevate Creativity and Intelligence: After extensive research, interviewing several experts, and conducting various Creativity Labs over the course of a year...


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