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Woman, Life & Freedom Movement – The time to change global policies for the new order!


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Woman, Life & Freedom movement that started in mid-September 2022 due to the death of Mahsa Amini in the hands of Islamic republic morality police in Tehran/Iran for not wearing proper hijab. This movement that started by women for women in Iran, soon within days became a global movement with its unique motto of “woman, life and freedom” which not only resonated with Iranian women but also to all women in the Middle East and many globally.

The peaceful young women movement which quickly gained also support from many Iranian men from all sorts of background, it started shaking Islamic Republic authoritarian power which questioned their legitimacy, and as Islamic Republic panicked to lose control and, in a miscalculation, ordered violence crackdown on demonstration it made even the movement stronger, motivated, united, and more determined in their objectives as well gained support from wider communities locally, nationally, and globally.

Amazingly within days the movement very creatively reshaped itself from single issue to multi-issues and covered all sorts of problems such as economy, environmental, human rights, discrimination, and corruption…

The uniqueness of this movement is the way it operates, and it adjusts itself to the situation which has not only surprised the Islamic Republic authoritarian regime but also the world. Of course, Islamic Republic as always blames Israel, USA and UK for being behind this movement, not knowing that even right now all those agencies are observing and investigating to find out what is going on. As no one can take the credit for being behind this creative and amazing movement which to my knowledge not only is unique in Iran and the Middle East but also globally.

Woman, Life & Freedom

Iranian people have tried to sort the problems peacefully in many years, however Islamic Republic has shown that they are not open to any talk and do not acknowledge Iranian wishes and rights. And now Iranians are angrier and changing strategy. And you can see that in the messages which come out from Iran. I believe Iranians are ready to face Islamic Republic with the only language they understand. Islamic Republic had all the chances to change but they continued to kill Iranian people in the streets of Iran, who wished for free dialog and referendum. So, I believe the game is changing and soon Islamic Republic will face the music and the anger of all Iranian tougher in a more forceful way. And I believe no army in the world can stand in front of an angry nation who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

woman life freedom

Honestly, as I said, I think Islamic republic has come to its end and I repeat no army in the world can stand in front of an angry nation who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Probably Islamic fundamentalists’ nightmare has come true. The souls of Arteshbod Pantea and Grand Admiral Artemisia have come back, and Iranian women find their place again and they are angry and leading… and That was what Islamist has tried to prevent for 1000 years. Cyrus the Great has been credited to free Babylonia but historians know that it was Arteshbod Pantea who was Commander of the Persian Immortal Army.

Woman, Life & Freedom

Recently I heard from some of my American friends that they are worried that Biden may support Islamic Republic and try to save it. I have to say now if Biden or Putin even sends their armies to save Islamic Republic, it won’t help, as long as Iranians stand together, and men globally realize by being behind women and support them, it will not reduce their manhood. This is the change that many have been talking about and waiting for. And it is not only about Iran anymore, but also a global movement started in Iran by women for women. Women Empowering Women.

Woman, Life & Freedom

In my opinion not only this movement will change Iran and Middle East geopolitics but also will have a major effect on the way we look at global leadership, management, trade, environment, organisation, human rights, and everything else even here in the west.

Woman, Life & Freedom

Remember western women and minorities group have progressed in their fight for equality, diversity, and inclusion but even here it is still not an equal society. Saying that you believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion is not enough you must have internal belief in it. I know even many politicians and leaders right here in the west who do not believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion. of course, they are going to say that they do if you ask them. But look at those organisational structures and the pay gap in our society! Can you really say it is equal!? That is probably why this movement so quickly has become a global movement. And it is not only questioning the actions of Islamic Republic anymore, but it has also started to question the actions of many governments internationally.

As you could see the paradox the French government had in the way they tried to control the demonstration in Paris in support of this movement. As they may were pleased that this demonstration had created big problems for Islamic republic but at the same time as they have also big problems with discrimination in France, they were worried that this movement may create internal problem if it gets bigger in France.

Woman, Life & Freedom

But the reality is that women are here now in the international political arena as a major powerhouse, stronger than ever and united beyond the national borders. And not only Islamic republic can ignore them nor the international community anymore. As this movement shows they are educated, mobile, dynamic, creative, and probably much more strategic than any other group. And have something to say not only about women’s issues but everything as this new young generation of women leaders has gone a step ahead from all earlier Feminist movements which their focus was only women’s issues.

Woman, Life & Freedom

Some important traits of exceptional leadership:

  • Respect: They always respect their people.
  • Authenticity: They can’t fake authenticity.
  • Communication: They are great communicators.
  • Humility: Staying humble enables them to stay connected to their people.
  • Accountability: They hold themselves accountable and expect the same of their people.
  • Lead by Example: They model the behaviour they expect.
  • Empathy: Without empathy, they can’t build a team or nurture a new generation of leaders.
  • Visionary: They are driven and inspired by what the future can become.
  • Care: They show genuine care for their people.

The reality in Iran and the Woman, Life & Freedom movement is that Islamic Republic Forces randomly killing Iranians who showed support for woman, life & freedom movement in the streets of Sanandaj and other cities…

This is not just something that is happening now, the systematic killing and discrimination of Iranians with different ethnical backgrounds, religion minorities, women political views and anybody who criticize the regime has been going on the last 43 years.

Iranians from all sorts of political background or ethnical groups has been telling the world about this systematic killing & discrimination in many years, but the Islamic Republic propaganda machine and lobby groups with the all the money they spend in US and EU to buy political and media supports has managed to create a campaign of misinformation and mislead the world.

Further there is a big difference between the 2009 and 2022 movement in Iran. 2009 was a political movement between the two political rival groups in Islamic republic to gain power. 2022 is a humanitarian movement to help people. Women helping women. Mothers helping mothers. Sister helping sisters…and those young people are fighting for justice and their rights, not for power. But they are determined on their objectives and don’t forget that Iranian people are not scared of death, Islamic Republic men forgot that death for freedom, justice, country, and people is glory for Iranians. If they were in the front line during the war, they would remember it.

I am sorry to see many politicians still calculating to see if it is financially beneficial to be on the side of humanity or is it better to be on the side of status quo and keep their power and money.

This is not only about that Islamic Republic anymore. It is about the internal change in all of us and our values, even here in the west. Are we able to call ourselves human and see all those things and do nothing? This is not a political question nor religion. Are you a human?

Woman, Life & Freedom

Movement’s first manifesto:

  • For the Sake of …
  • For the sake of dancing in the street
  • For the fear in the moment of kissing
  • For my sister, your sister, our sisters
  • For changing the eroded brains
  • For the shame,
  • For the pennilessness
  • For the yearning for a normal life
  • For the sake of the poor child that searches in the garbage and their dreams
  • For this command economy
  • For this polluted air
  • For “Vali-‘asr” and the withered trees
  • For Piruz and his probable extinction
  • For the forbidden innocent dogs
  • For the non-stop crying
  • For the image of repetition of this moment
  • For a laughing face
  • For the students,
  • For the future
  • For this mandatory paradise
  • For the imprisoned intellects
  • For the Afghan children
  • For all of this,
  • For the lack of repetition
  • For all this hollow chants
  • For the collapse of the chaffy houses
  • For the feeling of peace and tranquillity
  • For the sun after long nights
  • For the mental illness’ pills and insomnia
  • For men, fatherland, prosperity
  • For the sake of the girl that wished she was a boy
  • For women, life, freedom
  • For freedom
  • For freedom
  • For freedom

Help us!

To keep this campaign going and support artists / activists in Iran.

Free Toomaj Salehi

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