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A little bit ABOUT Siamak Taslimi

Learning and Development Consultant with 30+ years’ experience.

Siamak is the director and one of the founding members of Cavendish College established in 1984. In his 37 years with the company, He has undertaken many different roles and projects. His core responsibility is to oversee the international development and working with their partners around the world.

He has been a lecturer for over 30 years. In the earlier years his main speciality was science subjects and over the years this was further expanded into business and economic subjects. In the early nineties he was appointed marketing director, and by 2000 he took over the directorship of Cavendish International Development. Since then, they have launched Cavendish University Zambia, Cavendish University Uganda, Cavendish International (Armenia), Cavendish Cardan (Tehran), FAD Academy (Pune/India), Cavendish Bishkek, Cavendish Azerbaijan and TheEducators.com (E-learning Technology). He works as a consultant in projects beyond educational fields such as project appraisals, engineering, Oil & Gas, and international contracts, affords him great opportunity to keep up to date with the professional world. He is a keen entrepreneur looking for new possibilities, forging new relationships and taking up new challenges.


After finishing his high school (Alborz -Tehran) in 1977, he started a degree in International Management (IMS, a school operated by ESCP Paris). Thereafter in 1984 he completed a degree in Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College, London University. He returned to management studies at The Henley Management College and completed his masters followed by four years of PhD research work in Artificial Intelligence specialising in Knowledge Engineering at Brunel University. Although his student years did come to an end in 1990 his desire to learn has never gone away, as with any academic, and now he works with TheEducators.com has open a new and very exciting field in the e-learning technology.

Siamak Taslimi

A little bit ABOUT Jermaine Ranger

An accomplished marketing manager with 15+ years of strategic and tactical marketing experience.

Based in London, Jermaine is an accomplished Marketing professional with 15+ years of strategic and tactical marketing experience, gained from working for organizations based in London, Kent and West Midlands. He is CIM qualified and holder of Chartered Marketer status.

He is a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in BA (Hons) Leisure Management and Quality Management. Having studied about extensively about leisure management, he had dreams of being a general manager of a major health club and even wanted to operate one by the time he was 35. However, he soon changed his mind as a business opportunity was presented to him as at the young age of 25, when an owner of independent health club operator in a close-knit community of Walsall, approached Jermaine to see if he was interested in co-managing their standalone health & squash club with him and another director. Following a short meeting and the creation of a robust marketing plan on how to retain existing members and attracting new members to the club – Jermaine became the club’s first Marketing Manager and he managed to double turnover in 2 years on a limited budget. It was shortly after that, Jermaine decided to embark on a full-time career in marketing, went onto study for CIM qualification with the Cambridge Professional Academy, which lead an Associate member status in 2007, and later a full member in 2012. He also co-founded a community well-being social enterprise with a friend in the fitness professional to collaborate with local authorities and health groups to deliver health and wellbeing initiatives to help local residents improve their health through specialist exercise programmes. In the last decade, Jermaine has gone to establish an extensive marketing background from working in a number of industries notably, professional services, health & fitness FE/HE institutions and non-for-profit organizations; with the responsibility of managing traditional, digital and guerrilla marketing activities, managing budgets and being a line manager to a team of marketing specialists. Recently, Jermaine has become a trusted marketing advisor to a number of existing and start-up businesses based in Kent and London – who often call upon his expertise to help define their overall marketing direction. In addition to working on strategic marketing plans, he has been advising companies on ways to maximise their online presence and increasing engagement on social media profiles, as part of a content-marketing strategy, in line with Google Core Web Vitals as a means improve their local SEO. Along his marketing efforts, he is a Trustee/Board member of Advice for Renters, the UK’s only legal advice agency dedicated to the needs of private renters, plus he is also a mentor to future marketing professionals and a co-founder of a sport development company. In his spare time, Jermaine enjoys a variety of sports mainly watching his favourite football team based up North (even though he was born in South London), and occasionally watching motorsport and playing sports too, as a means to maintain his own positive health and wellbeing.

Jermaine Ranger