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Enhancing Consumer Clarity: A Comprehensive Analysis of Proposed Legislation


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Enhancing Consumer Clarity: In a significant move towards bolstering consumer transparency, forthcoming legal proposals are set to outlaw the prevalent practice of “drip pricing” and curb the use of fake reviews in the online business landscape. The proposed regulations, embedded within the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill, aim to bring about a more informed and protected online shopping experience.

Understanding Drip Pricing:

“Drip pricing” refers to the practice of concealing additional charges until the later stages of the online checkout process, leaving customers surprised and often burdened with unforeseen costs. The Department for Business and Trade’s report revealed that this deceptive tactic is employed by over half of entertainment providers and businesses in the hospitality sector. Notably, sectors such as transport and communication exhibit a higher prevalence of this practice, with these hidden fees collectively impacting consumers by as much as £2.2 billion annually.

Key Proposals:

Under the new regulations, mandatory fees will be required to be incorporated into headline prices displayed online. For instance, when purchasing cinema or train tickets, any unavoidable booking fees must be transparently communicated from the initiation of the shopping process. However, optional add-ons like airline seat reservations or luggage upgrades will not fall under these measures.

Implementation Timeline:

The proposed rules are anticipated to be enforced in the upcoming spring, marking a pivotal step towards creating a fair and transparent digital marketplace. Minister for enterprise, markets, and small business, Kevin Hollinrake, emphasized that the legislation aims to empower consumers to make informed choices and protect them from inadvertent financial pitfalls.

Addressing Fake Reviews:

Recognizing the substantial impact of reviews on consumer decision-making, the legislation also addresses the issue of fake reviews. The government’s commitment to cracking down on misleading practices includes making website hosts accountable for the reviews posted on their platforms. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has actively contributed to the development of guidelines aimed at combatting fake reviews, applauding the government’s proactive stance in rectifying deceptive practices.

Reforming Price Marking Order (PMO):

Simultaneously, the legislation proposes reforms to the Price Marking Order (PMO), ensuring traders adhere to consistent and transparent unit pricing practices. This includes promotions and special offers, providing consumers with a standardized metric to compare products and determine the best value for their purchases.

In conclusion for consumer clarity, the impending legislation signals a paradigm shift towards consumer-centric business practices, emphasizing transparency, and protecting customers from hidden costs and deceptive reviews. By addressing issues such as drip pricing and fake reviews, the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill seeks to fortify the foundation of online commerce, fostering a trustworthy and equitable environment for businesses and consumers alike.

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