A top video marketing tips would be to incorporate videos into Email

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Video marketing tips that help you connect with your customers. Even though most marketing efforts seem geared toward social networks and digital media channels, remember the importance of connecting with existing and potential customers through email marketing. Online video is booming; marry the two concepts to increase engagement, social sharing, and conversion.

According to a study conducted by The Relevancy Group, seventy-five percent of advertisers have yet to incorporate video into their emails and twenty percent are not likely to include video at all.  Unfortunately, these marketers are missing out on the benefits of adding video to email messages.

Combining email and video is increasing ROI. This study found that using video in email campaigns increased delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. In addition, marketers who added video had monthly revenues that were forty percent higher than those that were not using video in their email.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of this opportunity, what are you waiting for? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Repurpose Content for Video

What if you don’t have any content for videos? Look to previous work like blog posts, tip sheets, and eBooks. With video, you’ll be able to cast a more creative light on the topic reducing redundancy. Try taking a more controversial stance; show, don’t tell. You’ll also be able to share your video across multiple platforms, posting it to your Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel.

Start Small

Worried that the cost of producing video content is too high? Then think smaller. You don’t need to fund a huge production. Use a simple camera, background, and microphones to tape a few people discussing a topic relevant to your customers. Yes, even the smallest video requires an investment, but it shouldn’t be too time consuming. Just present your audience with an easily digestible message.

Make it Short would be the best video marketing tips

Remember your consumers don’t have a lot of time. If they’ve opened your email, don’t scare them away by including a lengthy clip with someone rambling on for minutes. Make your video comparable to a 30-60 second commercial. Create a teaser, grab attention, and keep your audience interested in the material.

Don’t Neglect the Other Email Elements

Yes, you should focus on adding video content to your emails. No, it should not take up all your time and attention. You still have to include good links, images, and engaging text. Make sure your video compliments the email—it shouldn’t overpower the other content. Even though your open rates may increase with video email, not everyone is going to watch the video. The additional content should be able to stand on its own and still provide viewers with interesting, relevant updates.

Look Forward

As research shows, consumers love and share video. Even if you aren’t using video to connect with users now, it’s the future for building better relationships with your audience. Meet your customers’ needs and wants; reach out to them with video content. Use customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and general tips to generate conversations and create greater brand awareness.

The advantages of adding video content to your email campaign far outweigh the disadvantages. Invest in online video marketing and engage consumers through their preferred media format.

Author: Hannah Brenzel, Content Marketing Associate at ViralGains