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Iran’s funds and the system changes


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Dear friends and family

I start this letter first to thank the USA government for holding Iran’s funds until this legal and power battle is over. To Mr Reza Pahlavi and Mr Ali Hosseini Khamenei you both know that when my father signed away his right to all his assets the term was specifically that the foundation’s money will be used for the empowerment of Iranian woman rights and education as he told me and I don’t believe he would say that if it was not true. Unfortunately, as the Iranian government has not satisfied the terms of transformation this will void the agreement. However, as the only witness Mr Abbas Ali Khalatbari has been executed and the family solicitor Mr Ahmad Sayyed Javadi is not with us anymore and I do not have a copy of the document I cannot be of much help. However, to my knowledge according to Mr Ahmad Sayyed Javadi the original documents should be in Iran’s Parliament archive.

It has been very kind of those people who think that the fund should be transferred to my account, but please don’t do that as I don’t trust myself for such a big responsibility and I value my freedom much more. However, I stand with my grandfather and father’s decision and the terms and if you need me to sign any documents I can come to New York or Tehran and sign it.

I have to add I don’t have any solicitor and no one represents me as well as I don’t represent anyone else and this decision is only for my shares. Which I have to say our family including me never received any benefit from the Foundation.

Further I learned from my grandfather and father’s mistakes. If the people of Iran agree I will request to change the Government to Parliament. That means the Parliament controls the fund. However, I will not sign any documents until there is a free election. As I don’t trust anybody including myself to control the fund, it will be better in the hands of the Democratic Iranian Parliament.

Furthermore, I am completely willing to be transparent about my life, incomes, personal assets and collaborate with any governments in the world. As a matter of fact, that has been my request that an open court investigate it. As I am tired of all the harassment from people and some governments and lies about me and my family.

Kind regards

Tony Shahab Khalatbari Zohari

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