Iran’s politic in short

SINCE IT EXPERIENCED the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Westerners have developed an idea of Iran as a highly conformist, authoritarian state that is based on a conservative reading of Islamic teaching. In the decades before this revolution, Iranian politics, while predominantly authoritarian, were anything but conformist or dull.

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Re-engaging the Iranian Market?

According to Reuters on Wednesday 5th February, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned France that French companies – which sent executives to Tehran this week – will be punished if they violate US sanctions with Iran.

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The Landmark visit to Iran by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and French Business Delegation.

When Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt arrived in Iran today he was not alone as representative of the West to visit the country. A huge delegation of no less than 100 companies from France together with government representatives also landing at the same time, to sell in the French business.

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