The changing events in Middle East Conflict:

USA and Iran and ISIS

For the first time in ME it seems that many things have changed and political map of ME is changing. Some countries who were enemies they find themselves that they are fighting in the same side even none of those countries yet want to admit that they are in the same side due to long lasting conflicts between them. Islamic fundamentalist groups (Muslims brotherhood, Hamas and others) has been united under the flag of ISIS and in the other side the moderate Iran, Syria, Kurds and Iraq plus Israel has find themselves fighting in the same side. For some countries specially Iran and Israel this have created massive discomfort as for the last 35 years they have been openly in conflict with each other but suddenly they find each other in the same side even they don’t want to admit. As the result Iran has decided to be in standby against ISIS threat even they know for every minutes ISIS getting stronger, the threat for Iran is getting bigger.

But what about western position’s in this new conflict? Even west find itself in discomfort position as they have been trying to reduce Iran’s influence in ME but suddenly they realised that they need a strong Iran in order to get peace back to ME. Even in Syria west has realised that they have been in the wrong side but still will not admit it, as for many politician here to admit that they have been wrong is like political suicide.

But, what about public opinions in west? General public are even more confused as they are bombarded by violation of human rights images from both side through the media they still don’t know what exactly going on and try to make an opinion about the conflicts through half cooked facts and manipulated information.

Iran’s internal conflicts: Iran which has an Islamic government and has been against secular government internally is biggest promoter for secular governments in ME. Iran position in Syria, Bahrain and Iraq to support secularism has created even internal conflict as many from both sides internally are criticizing Iran’s position. Those who support Islamic governments are criticizing Iran for the resistance against Islamic state in ME and those who support secularism, criticizing government for their resistance for secularism internally. However Iran cannot maintain a strong position in ME until they create a harmony in their domestic and foreign policies. The problem with Iran position has been that as a Shia Islamic government meddling in ME will generate and contribute more to the Shia and Sunni conflicts and Iran hasn’t been able to present itself as a secular government who can safeguard both Shias and Sunnis or other minorities’ interest.