Good content strategy for social media.

content strategy

Content strategy for social media: I have said this before and covered all during the last workshop however as not everyone attained the workshop, I have been asked this question again, and again.

So here you go…

Successful marketing is all about the people, not your products. Specially on social media. And when you look at the successful companies in social media, you see that they function more like entertainment companies, publishers, or party planners than as traditional advertisers. Most of your content should educate or entertain your audience, promotional content should be a small part of your content strategy. For the best effect, both from your audience point of view and social media algorithm, your content strategy should follow 60/30/10 rule.

A good ratio for content on your social media is 60/30/10 as I call it the golden ratio. It means that 60% of your content should be curated content by others that you select to share with your audience, this could be a valuable blog post from a company in your field, expert advice from a relevant thought leader or anything that you think your audience will appreciate and enjoy. 30% owned content, these types of posts solely concern your business its goal is to market offered products and services. Providing valuable content that is not overly promotional is the mainstay of owned content from many organizations. Promoting this content on social media is key to distributing it widely. Only 10% of your content should be self-promotional.