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Recruitment and Selection Course


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This Recruitment and Selection course will provide you with all the information you need to take care of everything as HR professional, managers or a business owner. Starting from when you define your job position and prepare compensation packages, through to the planning and conducting of interviews.

The main topic it covers is hiring new employees. First, we explain the vetting and selection process, as well as the different laws at play. Next, you’ll learn about the steps involved in the hiring process, and then learning about how contracts are used for new workers.

You’ll also learn about practical steps that you must take to have disciplinary measures taken, dismissal and termination of the contract.

Our expert-led course on human resource management is ideal for HR professionals and managers who would like to learn more about recruitment procedures and the modern methods in human resource management. And if you’re seeking to enter a career in HR, this is just the course for you!

Recruitment and Selection Course Content:

  • Recruitment procedure
  • Selection criteria
  • Employee vetting and documentation
  • Job offers procedure
  • Contact of employment
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Dismissal and termination of the contract
  • Employment Legislation (UK)
  • Final assessment

Course Details:

  • Academic partner: Cavendish College
  • Mode of delivery: Online
  • Course duration: Flexible learning


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