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The boy from Esheghabad run to Golan


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Series Fiction Story: Inspired of some true events

The boy from Esheghabad run to Golan

I used to know a boy who used to shiver in the cold in the trenches at night with an unloaded gun, when they were out of bullets during the difficult time and war, when Dumdum people had attacked his people because they wanted to be free. We were both teenagers when we first met. The boy and his friends used to stay in their posts, first because they didn’t want to let the enemy see that the posts were empty, then because neighbours felt that they were safe at night and could rest.

The boy did quite well and they were quite lucky as their post was never attacked and as he showed good sense of responsibility, he was recruited as apprentice from Interpol to not only protect his people but every other civilian but as he was very young, they said that his training would be administration and only helping the investigation team with no guns. And his first assignment was to visit all local libraries and read all the books. He didn’t like it as he was more interested to be in the front line and he was not much of the reader as he was more interested in physical activities, but they said that this is more important and they convinced him to do it, and he can continue with his physical activities on the side.

So, his routine became to wake up early in the morning and go to the park with his martial arts coach for training, then his classes and then libraries, and at weekend he was allowed to go mountain climbing or play other sports with his friends.

He had this routine for a while but things changed very quickly in Esheghabad, as due to the war as most loyal soldiers were in frontline and week governing some internal militant group and criminals started to attack civilians’ home, in street and terrorise people and killed even some local police forces and politicians in order to take over the power. They even attacked universities and students’ homes and even killed some of the students.

As the boy did spend most of his time in libraries and had started to have a good network within students and young activists, he was told to look at some of the cases and try to see what was going on and report it back. The next day he decided to go to one of the students’ houses which was said that the day before there was a heavy gunfight and all the rebellion/students were killed. As the boy arrived at the two floor small town house he could see that the house was completely destroyed by the bullet marks but as he was not part of the official investigating team they did not let him in. As he was standing outside and looking at the building and had some conversation with one of the soldiers, asked him if he was there when this happened. The soldier said no he was not, they came after they received the report from the gunshots, but when they came the street was already closed and the gunfight was finished. The report says that the security forces were here to search the building and rebels started to shoot from inside and the security forces shot in self defence and managed to kill all the rebels and lucky none of security forces were injured.

The boy as he was inspecting the building from outside said that, this doesn’t look like self defence, it is more like execution and assassination, almost nothing is left from the building. And more astonishing if they were shooting from the building where the bullet marks are on the other side of the street or the cars around!

The soldier said: I don’t know, maybe it was divine intervention!

The boy walked away and took the bus toward University to maybe find some of the students who may have known the people in that house. He asked a few students in the university’s yard but nobody knew and he went to the library where some people said that they may be students from the young socialist party but if they were, their office is just near university, they will know better.

As he knew their office location as he had helped them previously with some of the newspaper work, he walked there. But when he arrived, the door was closed which was strange as the door usually was open as it was the place students and activists used to hang out for tea, sandwich, chat as well doing the newspaper work and it was often very busy. He knocked the door and they opened and when they saw him as they knew him they let him in.

Inside he talked about the incident with some of the students that he knew, but it appeared that they already knew about it and that was maybe the reason that the door was closed. Anyway, he told them about his observation about the house and they asked him if he had talked with anybody about it yet. He says no, he forgot the conversation he had with the soldier outside the house. And they told him that he has to go as his life may be in danger, but before leaving, they hear heavy knocking on the door. And one of the students from the lobby ran in the room and said that there are militant group’s people outside. The students told the boy, it is better to get out from the window in the lavatory and run but be careful and try to be quiet about this until they know more.

The boy ran out and disappeared but the same night he heard that there had been gunshots at the young socialist party and many died and some had been arrested. The boy who was quite brave as he had proven it when he stayed in the trenches without bullets knowing that if anybody attacked he would be the first target, started to be confused. As he could not understand and that was probably his first experience about betrayal and life dilemma. He could not understand his own people, that he had almost done everything for them to become free, were maybe after him. But he decided to follow the advice and be quiet about it for a week or so.

The following week during a training session he decided to talk about it to the colonel who was one of his trainers and was supervising the team. The colonel told him that he will have a look at it, and further he should never again investigate a crime location by himself as he is too young and not ready yet and that can be very dangerous. 

The boy replied that he is not afraid of anything. The colonel said that he knows but it is not only you, this can even put other people at risk, and he should never go back to those places or do any of those kinds of  investigations by himself again. 

Even if he was not happy with the advice, he decided to follow it and focus on his study that had become more challenging as he had to do it in English, which he was not good at the language and had to take more private lessons. Days were passing by and things in town were getting worse, everyday there were more killing and arrests as it looked like the country was on attack from everywhere both from foreign invaders and this militant group inside the cites who killed political activists, students and it was even rumours that they had even killed many of the soldiers in frontline.

The police forces and the government were almost paralyzed as there were crises both in the frontline and this militant group which were put together in order to help in the frontline, but in reality most of them were never in frontline and were mostly in cities and killing activists, politicians and looting people’s homes and falsifying the evidences. As a result even the president and many other activists had run away to save their own life. And the colonel and all his team were also discharged…

Part 1

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