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The tele of the two stories | What to believe?


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The tele of the two stories if Abdullah Khalatbari Zohari “Motamed-ol-Soltan Zaigham-ol-Mamalek” was a Muslim or a Jew! I don’t know. I put more trust in my Iranian and Israeli friends than the European because their story is more likely to be true as most of them are family friends and have known the family for many years. I choose to believe he was a good man who wanted his people’s freedom from both side of the border. You can choose whatever you want to believe. This is the free well. You are free to believe whatever you want to believe. And if you think that you have to kill me, because I am his grandson, I accept that. Or if you think he was a good man, you don’t need to thanks me, because I have done nothing. I am just his grandson. I am not him. I just want to be free.

The key is: believe in love!
Believe in yourself!
I choose to be good,
this is my religion and this is my choice.
And I am only responsible for my choices,
I don’t even order to my son,
I gave him free choice,
He can choose his own believe,
I just asked him to be good.
And I know he is good.
With a heart full of love.
Please don’t lie to him about me.
Let him to keep his pure heart.
And please don’t poison his mind as you did mine.
And remember this all just a story.
You can write your own story.
Tomorrow is a new story.
My power is from my believe
As I write and
I live my story.
I am a man who walks the world because until he walks there is still hope for his people & the truth.


Always remember:

the good thoughts, good words & good deeds, in everything you do! Or any decision you make! And be good, because it is the right things to do, not for the reward.

Tony Zohari
Tony Zoharihttps://www.digitpro.co.uk/tony-zohari/
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