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Writing a Persuasive Fundraising Script


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A Persuasive Fundraising Script: Regardless of the media used, a good fundraising script should get potential donors emotionally invested in your story and explain the cause. Tell people why you have started a fundraiser and what the proceeds will be used for, so they know how to help you achieve your goal.

If you’re writing for a charitable cause, it might be worth thinking about how to use Compassionate Empathy. This is the ability to take your audiences’ understanding and feelings and turn that into understanding and empathetic action. This is also known as empathy. Help your readers to put themselves in the story and experience it first-hand. This way, they’ll feel connected to the protagonist and empathize a lot more.

Storytelling is crucial in those cases because it makes readers understand the problem your organization is working to solve. It helps them see how they can benefit from a donation. You should make it personal by mentioning people and the kind of impact an organization can make on their lives by reaching a goal.

Define the problem, by explain the current situation and outlines the problems being faced. Be as straightforward as possible.

Explain your mission and outline your goal. Explain why your organization needs help and what your overall mission is. Capture the impact of a donor’s gift by illustrating the difference that it will make to the beneficiary. Tell them how their generosity will be used and what their donation will achieve.

Explain how their donor can make an impact. A donor wants to have a clear understanding of how and why their money is going to make an impact. Describe the specific actions that will solve the problem, specifically how this is done through this specific donation. For example, if you’re raising money for refuges, you can specify that a donation of $50 will provide food for X number of days!

And finally call the reader to action. Make clear the urgency of the situation so you can convince your readers to act quickly. Talk about what your other donors’ gifts have already done to address the problem and note the progress your current fundraiser is making.

E.g., The urgent situation is about the many children who live in extreme poverty and need to receive life-saving medication. Our campaign has already raised more than $6,500 for children with HIV/AIDS, but we still have a long way to go! The current campaign could raise enough funds for 24 treatments at $350 each.

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