A sales presentation design

add the human element to your eLearning

A sales presentation design is about to help a salesman to make a sale and building trust between the company and its target market. All good salesman knows that the most important element in a successful sale is trust. Trust building is some things that it takes time, and you must plan for it, but the most important element is to be honest with your target market in your communication.

Design to engage

Services industry is very sensitive and long-time relationship is important. Relationship building is not just about one transaction.
Your sales material should support you on the process of trust building and complete the sales. You should think of a sales presentation as story telling it should have enough information about your products, services and the company as well, being an engaging presentation, and the final stage as good salesman knows is ABC (Always Be Closing) of sales. I will explain more about the sales cycles and effective sales presentation design in my sales presentation design workshop, however you can always contact me with your questions and requests and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Visual elements are vital in your presentation so if you are not very good at it try to get help from a graphic designer but don’t let the designer decide what should be in your presentation after all it is your presentation and it should be in the way that you feel confidence about it, the designer should just help with its look.

Where to start with your sales presentation design

Remember the A-Z to any successful sales pitch is to communicate the benefit of your product or service to the potential buyer, in other word the ability to communicate your product or service proposition will determine your success in the sales process. The proposition must be one that the competition either cannot, or does not offer. It must be unique e.g. any aspect of an object that differentiates it from similar objects. So, if you don’t know what is your Unique Selling Proposition you have to start to do more research about your product and the competition product. you need to know what make your product different.

Know your client is vital part of a sales presentation design

Don’t waste your time on the people who are not interested in your product or don’t need it. Make sure that you know your ideal clients and target audiences. Think about their problems and needs, what pain do they have and how your service or product can help them with their needs and improve their life. Keep it simple and explain how your product is a better choice.

Anyway do your research before you start with your sales presentation design and when it is done remember to know it in and out as delivering it effective is most important part of a sales pitch.

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