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How to build the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Your business must have a Unique Selling Proposition. The A-Z to any successful sales pitch is to communicate the benefit of your product or...

The Duelist Theory in the context of negative campaigning

What is Duelist Theory? As it has become challenging  between left and right-wing parties and the race has turn out to be more competitive...

The impact of media in decision making

  what are the impact of media in decision making? Today I saw a picture that suggested Iranian revolution in 1979 was a copycat. Was...

International success of the Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday: A journey through consumer culture phenomena and the birth of Generation Y. We live wherever we live, we do whatever work we do,...

Dynamic reputations management model

This Dynamic reputations management model helps senior manager to develop internal capability to monitor and evaluate all external macro-environmental factors in order to build...

Swedish politics and media structure at the time of turning in 2006

Swedish politics during the 20th century, Sweden is a unitary state with a parliamentary political system. The prime minister is appointed by the party or...


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