Sex and Advertising in the age of digital marketing.

Sex and Advertising

Sex and Advertising in 21st century, a lot has changed in advertising since the Madison Avenue days. Not only has the majority of marketing gone digital, but it’s more tailored to its audience than ever before. Yet, some things never change.

Despite massive advances in the digital marketing industry, creatives still use sexual imagery in their ads. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, (or on the polar opposite end of the current-events spectrum, Hugh Hefner’s death), one might guess that the amount of erotic content in adverts would either become taboo or lose some of its appeal, but the primitive promotional strategy seems to be hanging on.

It should be noted that the point of this video is not to judge sexually-suggestive marketing material on any moral or ethical grounds, but rather to highlight how it’s used, why it’s had enduring success, the psychological and cultural pros and cons of this advertising method, and what search engines and social media platforms are doing about explicit ad content

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