Creative advertising as a source of value creation


The concept to use advertising as a source of value creation is not new however still many business executives has missed it, that advertising is as much a source of value creation as manufacturing is. Because the value of something is not determined in the mind by what it is, but by the way it is perceived and therefor if you change the context of something you change its value even if the thing itself do not change.

Advertising as a source of value creation

All human perception is context dependent, our whole perception is optimized around meaning not around what matter.

There is no actual perceived objective thing in the human mind because everything you actually perceive is mediated by context and environment and setting. Everything that said is affected by who says it. paying attention to something changes the nature of the thing and the kind of attention we pay to something changes the way we look at the thing so then idea that you can have this kind of completely objective scientific marketing thing as though humans were effectively no different from weighing scales and light meters is a complete false start.

Therefor target advertising find customer but creative advertising create customer. So, the statement that “a product is so good that it sells itself” is nonsense. You should always look at advertising as value creator.

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