What is alternatives advertising if we have small budget?

alternatives advertising

Be realistic about advertising options and alternatives advertising. Consider advertising in relation to what is regularly read and seen by target markets. Advertising takes on many forms and ranges in cost. Most small businesses cannot afford glamorous TV ads or other high-cost out-door or transport advertising, but good results can be achieved using cheaper methods, including:

List of alternatives advertising:

Leaflets or flyers either distributed by hand, in letterboxes or inserted in publications.

Or print advertising placed in local, regional, or national newspapers, ethnic publications, trade and tourist magazines, journals or newsletters, and magazines relevant to your target market.

Canvassing can be very effective, and it involves personal communication either by way of sales visits or sales calls.

Radio advertising is good too. Advertisements placed on local, regional, or national radio stations can give you good exposure and it can be very cost effective.

Wholesaler programs, promotional costs are shared and therefore less expensive and it can reach a wider audience.

Or sponsorship, sponsoring local community events can attract large crowds and significant media coverage, participating in local community events can improve business exposure as well.

Another alternative is Listings and displays, which includes advertisements in telephone or business directories and cinema advertising.

Most importantly now a day is probably e-Marketing which includes internet advertising (banners and skyscrapers), e-blasts to databases, online newsletters, search engine marketing, social media, and influencer marketing.

And Finally Editorial added value which it can be negotiated when purchasing advertising space with different mediums or you can blog and guest blogging on other website and blogs.



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