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How do you add the human element to your online/eLearning course?

The human element is imperative to any eLearning course. That's why we include personality quizzes, interactive dialogues, and informative lectures. The online course should...

Organising online seminars or workshops

Do you organise training sessions, online seminars or workshops regularly? Here are some useful online tools for workshop planning and seminars facilitation. If you sometimes...

Teaching Online with Moodle

This Teaching Online with Moodle course is designed as a fast track training for those who wants to take their course online. you are...

The benefits of e-learning

E-learning (electronic learning) is the delivery of learning content and materials to learners in digital form via a variety of technologies. E-learning content can include: ...

How to add human element to your eLearning for higher education course?

There are different ways to add the human element to your eLearning. For example you can provide a conversational rather than lecture type tone...

Designing effective test questions

For designing effective test questions, you first need to understand the problem and what is the primary purposes of the test. Understanding the problem... Classroom tests...


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