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Case Studies

Discrimination Against Swedish with Immigrant Background in workplace, The Hidden Threats & How to Prevent Them.

Workplace discrimination refers to a situation in which a job candidate or employee is treated poorly, i.e., discriminated against, because of their age, disability,...

Sustainable fishing and consumers responsibility in determining the future of fisheries.

Sustainable fishing means leaving enough fish in the ocean and protecting habitats and threatened species, however the subject has come to media attention again...

Managing talent across national borders: the challenges faced by an international retail group

Introduction: The challenge of managing talent across national borders, M. Boussebaa and G. Morgan studied the problems that a British retailer faced after acquisition over a...

3M: Cultivating core competency.

INTRODUCTION 3M Company, formerly Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company until 2002, is a multinational multi-industry company based in Maplewood, Minnesota, USA. It deals in thousand...

The impact of media in decision making

  what are the impact of media in decision making? Today I saw a picture that suggested Iranian revolution in 1979 was a copycat. Was...

International success of the Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday: A journey through consumer culture phenomena and the birth of Generation Y. We live wherever we live, we do whatever work we do,...

Iranian Government Globalization Policy Impacts on SMEs and the Corresponding Effect on Iranian-Swedish Trade

Purpose- The purpose of this paper is to describe the impact of Iranian Globalization Policy Impacts on SMEs environment and the corresponding effect on...


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