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Teaching Online with Moodle


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This Teaching Online with Moodle course is designed as a fast track training for those who wants to take their course online. you are expected to have access to a Moodle course. If you do not have access to Moodle contact us for assistance.

Benefits of Teaching Online with Moodle:

  • Cut the development time to minimum.
  • The most cost-effective way to take your course online.
  • This course covers all you need to know to build your online course.
  • You can build your course as you are teaching it (Blended)

Course Content the Basics of Teaching Online Page Add an activity or resource

Mode of delivery: Online

Price: £15.00

Click here to join the course online.



The ways you can add resources (course notes, images, presentations, videos, etc to your course.

  • Add the course materials on the Moodle course page
  • How to display course notes Page
  • How to use the File picker Page
  • How to add images Page
  • How to add a video Page
  • How to store your files Page
  • Add an activity or resource


Learners interact with an activity, whereas they simply view a resource

  • How to add Activities to your course Page
  • How to start a discussion forum Page
  • Give students more choice in what they learn Page
  • How to set a glossary (filters) Page
  • How to build knowledge together (wiki) Page
  • Survey & Feedback facilities Page
  • Closing your course Page

Course Management

  • How to monitor course activity Page
  • How to collect assignments Page
  • How to get Moodle to assess students Page
  • Moodle gradebook Page
  • How to enrol users Page
  • Add an activity or resource

Course Design Tips

Further Reading, this is the most cost-effective way to launch your online course

Content: Video, Notes, Articles, and Assignments

Level: 4

Price: £15.00

Click here to join the course online.

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