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Jonathan Borba: Capturing Essence through Simplicity

Jonathan Borba, a 32-year-old photographer hailing from Rio Grande do Sul and currently residing in Espírito Santo, is a visionary artist whose lens captures...

Emily Cathrine Haldane: A Tapestry of Artistry Unveiled

Emily Cathrine Haldane: In the realm of artistic expression and theatrical revelation, Emily Haldane emerges as a polymath of the stage—an alchemist weaving narratives...

Joelle Gueguen the French photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

Joelle Gueguen is a French photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. She has been working worldwide in documentary, portrait and live music photography between Europe,...

Michelle Watt, Brooklyn-based photographer

This is a Photographer you should know, Michelle Watt, a Hong Kong-born, Brooklyn-based photographer who specialises in staging conceptual narratives with a whimsical flair,...


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