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Echoes of Resilience: From Tehran’s Streets to Gävle’s Heart, A Father’s Legacy in London, A Son’s Ascent in Politics and Education


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From Tehran’s Streets to Gävle: In the heart of Tehran, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant chaos of political fervour, lived a young boy named Shahab. From an early age, he was drawn to the world of activism, captivated by the ideals of justice and equality. As a teenager, Shahab joined a group of political activists and found himself on the streets, selling labour newspapers to passers-by, hoping to spark conversations and awaken a sense of social consciousness.

Photo by M. Zohari

The political climate in Iran grew increasingly volatile, and Shahab’s activism caught the attention of authorities. Faced with imminent danger, he was forced to flee his homeland, leaving behind his family and the city that had been both his playground and battleground. Shahab became a refugee, seeking sanctuary in a winter of the early 80’s.

Gävle, a city in Sweden, became Shahab’s unexpected haven. In a refugee camp, he encountered others who, like him, carried tales of turmoil and upheaval. The cold Swedish winters were a stark contrast to the warm chaos of Tehran, but Shahab’s spirit remained unbroken. In Gävle, he forged new friendships, learned the Swedish language, and shared his story with those who would listen.

Shahab’s resilience and determination did not go unnoticed. He pursued education in Stockholm, delving into the world of media and communication. The years in Sweden moulded him into a thoughtful, articulate individual with a unique perspective shaped by his experiences as a political activist and a refugee.

Photo by M. Zohari

The journey didn’t end there. Fate led Shahab to the bustling city of London, where he carved out a career as a media professional. His voice resonated on an international scale as he told stories that transcended borders and connected people from diverse backgrounds. Shahab’s journey from the streets of Tehran to the media houses of London was a testament to the enduring power of one individual’s pursuit of justice.

Fast forward 37 years, and the echoes of Shahab’s story reached Gävle once again. His son, D, had chosen a path that blended his father’s legacy with his own aspirations. D had become a local politician in Gävle, driven by a deep-seated commitment to social justice and community well-being. Inspired by his father’s resilience and his own experiences growing up in Stockholm, D harboured dreams of becoming a teacher and a writer, using education and storytelling as tools for positive change.

In Gävle, the threads of Shahab’s past wove seamlessly into the fabric of D’s present and future. The city, once a refuge for a young political activist, now bore witness to the next generation carrying forth the torch of activism, education, and storytelling. The tale of Shahab and D illustrated the enduring impact of one individual’s journey on the trajectory of a family, a city, and the interconnected narratives of multiple lives across continents and generations.

Photo by M. Zohari, Nov 2023
Echoes of Resilience
Photo by M. Zohari, Gävle, Sweden, Nov 2023

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