Google Ads, Adwords Online Training Course

Google Adwords Course

Why to participate in Google Adwords Online Training Course? Google Ads or Adwords is an important strand of any online marketing strategy. It allows your business to generate a predictable stream of highly targeted traffic. Adwords is a complex area of online marketing, often incorrectly utilised by businesses who sometimes don’t appreciate how challenging it is to develop an advertising campaign which gives a viable return on investment.

This Google Ads training course will take a practical approach to the topic, giving delegates a chance to see first-hand how to structure and run a typical campaign. It will cover keyword selection, generating advertising copy, website conversion optimisation and budget setting. Attendees will leave the Google Adwords training with a firm understanding of the possible applications of this technology within their business.

Mode of delivery: Online

Price: £95.00


The course is relevant to:

  • Managers highly involved in online projects
  • Business owners implementing their own online campaigns
  • Webmasters and web designers
  • Communications professionals
  • Marketing support personnel

Topics include:

  • How Paid Search Fits into Your Marketing Mix
  • Account and Campaign Settings
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Ad Copy Development and Testing
  • Bid Management
  • Quality Score
  • Evaluating Data
  • Dayparting or ad scheduling
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Improve Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)…


The benefit of Google Adwords Online Training Course:

This online course gives you flexibility to learn in your own time and speed from home, office or anywhere with access to internet in order to improve your understanding about online search advertising for career advancement or managing your online advertising campaign. Apart from flexible schedule it helps you to reduce the costs of your training and environmental footprint. The most advantage of Google Adwords Online advertising is that you can target a very specific segment of people at selected location. This Google Ads course will cover audience selection and geo-targeting as well as helping you to write an Ad copy that sells in order to improve return on advertising spend (ROAS).