“Four stories about the cool things NASA do” by Dr Firouz Naderi

Tony Zohari, Firouz Naderi and Babak Emamian

In picture: Dr Firouz Naderi, Tony Zohari and Babak Emamian in London, 2013

A public Lecture by Dr Firouz Naderi Director of Solar System Exploration at NASA’s JPL and Babak Emamian BIBA Chairman at BIBA’s 131st Meeting in London Hilton.

Dr Naderi is an Iranian-American scientist and currently the Director for Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).  In this role Naderi oversees JPL’s robotic solar system missions in planning (such as a mission to the Jupiter’s moon Europa) or, in development (InSight lander on Mars) and operating missions, including the Cassini orbiter at Saturn, the Dawn spacecraft at the giant asteroid Vesta, JUNO on its way to Jupiter. Prior to this new position, he was the Associate Director of JPL responsible for Project Formulation and Strategy, serving as the Laboratory’s senior official providing oversight of JPL new business acquisition and was the key strategic planning officer of JPL. Read more on Wikipedia