Local Pubs in Newington Green

The Shakespeare

I like my local pubs, sometimes when I am bored or feeling lonely, I go to my local pub for a drink and talking with people mostly total stranger and sometimes people that I had meet before. I enjoy talking with people who I don’t know it help me to develop a better understanding about others and learning more about my local culture. One question which normally come up is about where I am coming from. I don’t know is it because I don’t look English, people ask me this question or is it the standard question for starting a conversation with someone you don’t know. I guess it is important for most people to know where you are coming from, as they often think in boxes and they will find a box to put you in there. It is somehow stereotype as I don’t think people birthplace says much about their personality as e.g. people born in London could have completely different personality, hobbies and ideology and the fact that two people both were born in London could have noting in common is not far from true but still many people ask that question including many marketer.

London pub